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12-step Salesforce Order Management Integration Checklist

A step-by-step guide to set up Salesforce OMS & integrate it with SFCC storefront


Integrate B2C Commerce store with Salesforce OMS in 12 steps!

If you’re already on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, you already know the ample benefits of leveraging the powerful Salesforce tools to build a complete Salesforce ecosystem for your online store. Therefore, implementing Salesforce OMS will not only help you tie the loose ends of your e-retail store but also natively integrate your SFCC store with the OMS.

This checklist details the key steps involved in implementing the Salesforce Order Management System for your SFCC store from both the store end and the OMS end. In case you wish to integrate Salesforce OMS with SFCC, you can follow these steps and develop a competitive and omnichannel system for superior customer experiences.

What you'll learn:
  • About Salesforce Order Management System
  • How to prepare your SFCC store for Salesforce OMS
  • Go live with Salesforce OMS
  • 12 steps with several sub-steps to integrate your eCommerce store with Salesforce OMS