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MACH Commerce for MAX results

The future of eCommerce is modular, composable, headless, and flexible


About the eBook

The modern commerce ecosystem is clouded with infinite uncertainties in terms of consumer expectations, market dynamics, changing tech and trends, and so on. However, one core facet remains the same- a retailer’s need for speedy, cost-effective and easily customizable commerce solutions. And this is what MACH commerce promises.

With ‘change is the only constant’ ideology, MACH architecture surpasses the challenges presented by monolithic legacy systems, extends impeccable experiences across the increasing number of touchpoints- mobile apps, AR/VR, chatbots, voice, IoT, etc., and supports C/CD, agile and DevOps models and supports the core technologies and market trends.

MACH allows enterprises to embark upon innovation, adapt, truly remain agile, and scaled to the future. With customer demands evolving every second, MACH empowers online retailers to make quick changes to any part of the architecture without having to spend time and money into building everything from scratch.

In this eBook, we dive deep into -

  • What is the MACH (microservices, APIs, the cloud, and headless) infrastructure?
  • How MACH commerce differs from monoliths legacy systems
  • Why retailers must switch to these modern commerce platforms
  • Things to consider when making a move to MACH technologies
  • The leading  eCommerce platforms supporting the MACH approach: commercetools, Adobe Commerce & Salesforce Commerce Cloud