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Achieve More With International eCommerce

A checklist that assists through your global business expansion!


About the checklist

Undoubtedly, digital commerce is everywhere and it is growing at a lightning fast speed. By 2021, eCommerce sales will equal $4.479 trillion. Unlike traditional times, when, to go international, you needed to have a physical outlet of your commerce store in particular locations, today, all you need is a global eCommerce mindset and a platform that helps you execute sound international business expansion strategy for your international eCommerce store. So, if you’ve saturated your home market, it is time to give international eCommerce a try. After all, there are over 2.14 billion people shopping online globally, international business expansion seems achievable.

The majority of businesses aim at the USA as the most profitable market, but the reality is that other markets sell like hot cakes. Global regions and countries grow at different rates. However, one aspect remains the same- customers always want personalized shopping experiences in their local languages. And then, with every region the tax and privacy rules change constantly. So, to achieve true cross-border eCommerce growth, you need an international business expansion plan before taking the plunge.

To assist you in eCommerce growth, we’ve dug into our 13+ years of experience and put our cross-border trade eCommerce growth insights and put it together into an international  eCommerce checklist. By the end of this checklist, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to turn your local store into an international eCommerce giant. Start your international business expansion plan, accomplish your global eCommerce growth and emerge as a strong and powerful international eCommerce brand that continuously disrupts the digital commerce landscape.

What you’ll learn:
  • Understand what is global expansion for your eCommerce store
  • The elements you need to get started with cross-border trade eCommerce checklist- local tax & privacy rules, local shipping options, local pricing for products, understand local customers, develop local language content, and fulfill inventory management
  • How to customize your shopping experiences and commence eCommerce selling internationally