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About the eBook?

Without any doubt, the pandemic has accelerated eCommerce growth by almost 10 years and you already know it. However, what you don’t know is that it grew the value proposition of eCommerce strategy during the first quarter of 2020 only. To shed some light about the future of eCommerce, in 2019, global retail amassed $82.5 billion in eCommerce transactions by May 2020- a sharp 77% increase from 2019; however, this eCommerce growth and expansion certainly wasn't a new trend. In fact, eCommerce sales experienced an average growth rate of 25.6% from 2014-2017, much before the pandemic. And that's proof that eCommerce is thriving, and it has been for a while.

However unprecedented today’s economy might seem, nothing can comprehend the fact that consumers have shifted online to fulfill their daily and specialty shopping needs and global sellers, sooner or later, will have to shift their business online. Digitally-savvy and high growth eCommerce companies have already christened the future of eCommerce with their omnichannel eCommerce business strategy and others are rising to the challenge of adopting new eCommerce strategies and expanding their online presence. But, there are some who still ponder if this eCommerce growth forecast is as real as it seems and if the ROIs will be in their favor.

This eBook enlightens you about what your competitors are up to, the eCommerce strategy roadmap they’re adopting, and what their eCommerce growth graph looks like.

What you'll learn

  • How digital marketplaces revamp the traditional in-store retailing propositions.

  • By how much will your competitor's eCommerce business grow in 2021-22?

  • Global merchants add eCommerce as an alternative sales channel to their business. Why?

  • What are the top business goals for 2021?

  • What challenges will your eCommerce business strategy face and how to solve them.