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eCommerce Holiday Season Checklist to Boost Sales

Tis’ the season of maximizing holiday sales


Capitalize on opportunities of the holiday sale season in 85 steps!

For online retail website and merchants, the holiday season is the busiest and most profitable time of the year. In fact, research shows that the holiday season accounts for almost half of the annual sales. So during this high-traffic and opportunistic holiday sale, when all your competitors are vying for customer attention, you need to do more than the expected to outshine, outperform, and deliver outstanding experiences to your customers at every step of their journey.

This holiday season, prepare your digital store and improve your website performance standards for the most wonderful experiences while offering incredible opportunities to attract, engage, and delight your customers as they look for the perfect gifts for their loved ones with our eCommerce Holiday Sale Season Checklist. Scripted by our digital commerce experts, this checklist encompasses 85 steps to optimizing your customers’ mobile and online shopping journeys and delivering memorable and magical holiday experiences.

  • Steps to monitor your previous eCommerce holiday season metrics to calculate this season’s peak retail expectations
  • KPIs that you can’t miss while measuring over-the-year eCommerce website traffic and peak holiday season sales
  • Tips on how to speed up website performance and stand out from the basketful of competitors- website speed, themed homepage, stressless payment and checkout, magical mobile shopping, seamless shipping and delivery
  • Grow post-holiday sale season conversions with easy returns and exchanges
  • Impress your customers with effective marketing and promotion tips

Pull up your socks, buckle up your shoes, and ready your digital retail websites to maximize holiday sale results and create unforgettable digital retail experiences. All it takes is 85 steps!