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The 85-pointer eCommerce
Optimization Checklist


About the Checklist

Did you know over 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in retail stores! Clearly, eCommerce sales are a huge part of product revenue, yet, are you optimizing your eCommerce stores to boost online sales? 

Over the years, experts at Ranosys have worked with thousands of retailers and brands, assisted in their eCommerce conversion optimization plans, run thousands of eCommerce optimization campaigns, and brainstormed ways to improve eCommerce customer experience. Irrespective if you’re a startup or incumbent, it's never too late to increase eCommerce conversion rate. 

To help you gain the most from your digital store and increase your conversion rate, we’ve put together a 85-pointer eCommerce optimization checklist. Consider every optimization as an opportunity and at the end of the eCommerce optimization checklist, calculate your opportunity score by subtracting the achieved score from 85. 

What you’ll learn:
  • How to improve customer experience for your eCommerce store
  • What elements to add, optimize or look for on the homepage of your eCommerce web, social, and mobile store to accomplish your eCommerce landing page optimization goals.
  • How to personalize your online store’s product pages and collection per customer behavior and demands to boost eCommerce conversion rate.
  • Elements you must include in your product search tab and pages as a part of your eCommerce optimization goals.
  • How to boost your checkout experiences via eCommerce checkout optimization?