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Infographic: The evolving consumer
buying behaviour

Discover what customers are looking for and ways to improve eCommerce customer experience
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Do you see the world the way your customers do?

To no one’s wonder, consumer buying behaviour and preferences have been changing for quite some time now, much before the pandemic. True that closed physical quarters drove many customers to explore their favourite or make-do brands online, the comfort and convenience of digital commerce sparked the genuine undying interest amongst consumers and commencing their eCommerce customer journey.

But when customer behaviour towards online shopping becomes more of a necessity and less of choice, what drives them to spend more online than offline? And how do consumer expectations and preferences change in light of the rapidly evolving eCommerce market?

We’ve performed a study on consumer behaviour towards online shopping and prepared an infographic that details every eCommerce prerogative- from massive shifts in consumer behaviour in online shopping habits, product personalization, customer experiences, and payment solutions to the rising trend of BOPIS solutions. 

Download our free infographic and improve customer experience for eCommerce today!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Analyze how consumer buying behaviour impacts online shopping
  • Discover what your customers are looking for and ways to improve eCommerce customer experience
  • Explore how product recommendations can boost consumer shopping behaviour and online sales
  • The essential eCommerce features you need to create captivating shopping moments at all stages of eCommerce customer journey