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Acquire and Convert B2B clients with Adobe Marketo & Adobe Commerce


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About the Event

Throughout a B2B customer’s buying journey, they browse through your products, interact with them, and even add it to their carts. But instead of completing their purchases, they end up abandoning their carts.

How can you connect back to those prospective customers, foster them through their buying journey, and help them complete their purchases? Only creating nurturing campaigns is not enough. You need a marketing automation plan that not just sends emails, but creates a personalized connection with your prospects, and encourages them to remain brand loyal always.

Join us in this webinar to discover how marketers can employ Adobe B2B Commerce and Marketo Engage to acquire better B2B leads, achieve higher B2B sales, and earn better ROIs from your marketing campaigns.

Learn how partnering with these tools can help automate complex buyer journeys, reach new buyers, explore new channels, track & connect your prospects through their buying journey, create customizable nurture campaigns, and align marketing and sales goals across every platform through an omnichannel and personalized approach.

What You’ll Learn

  • Study a customer’s buying journey: awareness, interest, desire, action & retention stages
  • The key challenges faced by marketers in today’s digital complex B2B ecosystem
  • How Adobe Commerce and Marketo Engage can remedy those challenges
  • How Adobe’s platform capabilities can simplify lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer acquisition efforts
  • A marketer’s approach to acquiring and converting more B2B clients using these platforms.


Maurizio Stella

Director of Commerce at Ranosys

Praneet Kaur

Marketo Consultant at Ranosys