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Digital Transformation Through Legacy Modernization

On-Demand Webinar

About the Event

Digital transformation programs designed to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction are continuing to increase IT backlogs and stretch budgets. However, replacing legacy applications are proving to be too costly and time consuming. Instead, organizations have discovered that adding new customer facing interfaces, integrating with other apps in the eco-system or adding new features is a better way to go.

Join us at this live event and learn how organizations are unlocking the potential of their legacy applications and achieving their digital transformation goals with technologies such as OutSystems and their implementation partner, Ranosys.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discovery questions to help develop the business case to modernize legacy applications.
  • Ideas on where to apply legacy modernization concepts.  
  • Why organizations select OutSystems as their full stack development platform. 
  • Examples of how other organizations have addressed their digital transformation agenda with legacy modernization.


Rob Davis

Senior Vice President at Ranosys

Tony Ollivier 

Product Marketing Manager at OutSystems