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About the Event

The software development market has drastically changed in recent years, driven by an utter need to achieve digital transformation and dramatically increase application delivery speed while maintaining productivity, fulfilling customer demands, and facilitating collaboration. While rigid legacy systems and lengthy development cycles could fulfill the traditional business needs, their lack of digital agility, heavily coded backend, and the slower time to market doesn’t resonate well with the modern enterprise needs. That combined with the digital disruption, the pandemic, and the rise of composable businesses has led to an influx and demand for new technologies.&nbsp

Low-code technology platforms like OutSystems fulfill all enterprise demands and adapt the current infrastructure to modern enterprise applications development capabilities. OutSystems dramatically accelerates the development of mission-critical business applications while offering an unprecedented level of flexibility, agility, and efficiency. From customer experience transformation to application modernization, process automation, and workplace innovation, OutSystems supports all business goals. 

In addition, OutSystems' low code platform sparks the emergence of citizen development outside of IT backgrounds, a perfect career opportunity for budding and professional developers who wish to learn, thrive and grow in the low-code profession. With renowned brands like Randstad, Charles River, Lapis, etc., employing the OutSystems platform, there will be an increase in demand for developers who could code innovative enterprise-grade applications using the technology and drive future transformation.&nbsp

Join us in a webinar that explores the low-code platform, OutSystems, why low-code technology is the future of application development, and how IT enthusiasts and developers can turn it into a career opportunity. Learn how becoming a low-code developer can turn your career around and why you should explore it as a lifelong profession.

What You’ll Learn

  • What low-code technology is and why it is the future of software development
  • What makes OutSystems a great career option
  • The career prospects of being an OutSystems developer
  • Discuss OutSystems-related growth opportunities & their future
  • How Ranosys can help you succeed as an OutSystems developer


Vineet Swami

Delivery Manager - OutSystems

Sayona Purohit

Marketing Executive - OutSystems