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An exclusive Adobe Experience Manager Implementation and Deployment Checklist


About the Checklist

So, you seem to be interested in Adobe Experience Manager implementation and deployment. However, designing, building & executing top-notch AEM website experiences require a great deal of planning, strategy, and time. Therefore, when implementing Adobe Experience Manager (especially for the first time), you need to review its capabilities and your current collection of site pages, landing pages, content assets, images, videos, and more.

We scripted a productive and easy-to-follow AEM sites implementation checklist that'll ease things up for you and make sure you don't leave any content assets behind.

This checklist will help you:

  • Make a list of existing company assets
  • Analyze AEM implementation costs
  • Prepare a technical plan
  • Enlist all the deployed assets to the AEM site
  • Make note of new assets added to the site
  • Measure KPIs and success metrics

Download Checklist